Episode 51: Dr. Elizabeth Iorns on collaboration

We’re back! We’ve been super busy lately (moving across the country, having a baby, applying for jobs, finishing a dissertation, running a Kickstarter, etc), but we’re striving for more regular updates. While hitting a weekly goal is unlikely, we’re going to strive to update once or twice a month. Thanks for sticking with us!

This week we interview Dr. Elizabeth Iorns of Science Exchange about Science Exchange’s research on collaboration.



Here is Zach’s BAHFest keynote from last year, and the winning talk by Tomer Ullman.

Elizabeth Iorns interview

Science Exchange blog post: Is collaboration broken?

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Psychology Reproducibility Project

Image originally posted on the Science Exchange Blog

7 thoughts on “Episode 51: Dr. Elizabeth Iorns on collaboration

  1. Bennett Todd

    Glad you’re back, I missed you. Wish I could listen, but my podcast app (Antennapod on Android) couldn’t find the audio.

      1. Bennett Todd

        You fixed it, thanks!

        Sadly, at least with the app I use, folks might still miss this episode unless they know to re-check the specific feed by hand.

        I’m so very glad you’re back on the air, and you might mention that re-checking the feed by hand might be worthwhile, in your next cast.

    1. KWeinersmith Post author

      Infiltrate how? Like submit great proposals and then give a pro-creationism talk during the show? All of our speakers had a pretty firm grasp of evolution, which I think precludes most creationists from getting through the application process. But I suppose we can’t be sure, and I guess if that happened we would just politely escort them off the stage.

  2. Tjimi

    You should call it the Whil-y Weinersmith…as in, “every once in a while”, and also because you’re wily.


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