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Episode 53: Melanie Martin on breastfeeding

This week we interview Melanie Martin, a PhD student at the University of California Santa Barbara, about her research on breastfeeding.


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Kelly has been on two other podcasts recently:

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The Pseudoscientists – Parasites And Zombies: A Discussion With Kelly Weinersmith

Two weeks left to submit your bad ad hoc hypothesis for BAHFest

Augie and the Green Knight pre-orders

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World Breastfeeding Week

Mammals Suck…Milk!

Melanie’s guest post on Mammals Suck

Episode 52: Deep sea ecology with Dr. Andrew David Thaler

This week Zach and Kelly talk about deep sea ecology with Dr. Andrew David Thaler.


Zach and Kelly

BAHFest is coming up! Submit your proposals now.

Parasitic Manipulation of Host Phenotype, or How to Make a Zombie: Integrative and Comparative Biology Volume 54 (Issue 2): Special issue organized by Kelly and Dr. Zen Faulkes

Learn more about how the symposium on parasite manipulation came about

Episode 6: Zen, Zombies, and Ziplessness (Weekly Weinersmith episode with Zen)

Dr. Andrew David Thaler

Open ROV

Erika Bergman

Sedna Epic

Drown Your Town

Southern Fried Science

The Trouble with Teacup Pigs

Has the whale exploded yet?

Fleet (Andrew’s book)

Andrew’s Patreon Page

 Video of an exploding whale (not for the faint of heart, or the eaters of lunch):

Episode 51: Dr. Elizabeth Iorns on collaboration

We’re back! We’ve been super busy lately (moving across the country, having a baby, applying for jobs, finishing a dissertation, running a Kickstarter, etc), but we’re striving for more regular updates. While hitting a weekly goal is unlikely, we’re going to strive to update once or twice a month. Thanks for sticking with us!

This week we interview Dr. Elizabeth Iorns of Science Exchange about Science Exchange’s research on collaboration.



Here is Zach’s BAHFest keynote from last year, and the winning talk by Tomer Ullman.

Elizabeth Iorns interview

Science Exchange blog post: Is collaboration broken?

Previous Weekly Weinersmith episodes with Elizabeth:

Episode 16: Science Exchange and Dr. Elizabeth Iorns

Episode 40: The Reproducibility Initiative with Dr. Elizabeth Iorns

Psychology Reproducibility Project

Image originally posted on the Science Exchange Blog

Zombie ant crowdfunding project

Dr. Charissa de Bekker is running a crowdfunding campaign to continue her work on zombie ants. We recently interviewed Dr. David Hughes about zombie ants , so check that out if you want to learn more about this amazing host-parasite system.  Charissa recently published a super cool paper (open access!) identifying compounds secreted by the zombie-making fungus while infecting its ant host, and next she wants to identify the genes responsible for ant manipulation. Check it out!

Weekly Weinersmith on hiatus


As you have probably noticed, Weekly Weinersmith updates have been few and far between in the past few months. I really love doing this podcast, but this is the last year of my PhD and I have had to prioritize my dissertation experiments, manuscript writing, and applying for postdoc positions. I was hoping I would still have time to podcast, but my schedule simply isn’t allowing it. The experiment ends and all of my postdoc applications are due by early January, so our intention is to start back up again around that time.

Brachiolope podcast logo service markIn the meantime, you should be filling your ear holes with other Brachiolope Media Network podcasts! We recently picked up a fantastic podcast on astronomy called Astarium, which I highly suggest checking out. As usual, Science…sort of, Technically Speaking, and The Titanium Physicists are fantastic, and I’m sure will be more than able to fill the podcast-shaped hole (what shape is that?) in your heart until we return.

One last thing. The Brachiolope Media Network recently made our podcasts available through Podiversity. This is an android app that charges a low monthly subscription fee, and in return removes advertisements from the podcasts and provides a higher quality audio file. Best part for us is that your subscription fee goes to the people running the podcasts, so the Brachiolope Media Network can buy new microphones, pay our podcasting-related fees, etc. It’s a great way to support the shows.

Zach and I look forward to bringing your more nerdiness ASAP!

<3, Kelly

Kelly is a guest on Wild Ideas….the Podcast!

This week Zach is off to GaymerX and Kelly is furiously writing manuscripts. To hold you over until the next update, you should check out Kelly’s guest appearance on Wild Ideas…the Podcast! She talks about interactions between the host, parasites, and the microbiome. It’s a lot of fun!

You can also fill your podcast needs by checking out the other Brachiolope Media Network podcasts:

Science…sort of

The Titanium Physicists

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Episode 48: Naked mole rats

This week Zach and Kelly talk naked mole rats.


The Kickstarter for Zach’s newest adventure of your own choosing gamebook has only 7 days left! 

Naked mole rat



Paper 1: van der Horst et al. 2011. Sperm structure and motility in the eusocial naked mole-rat, Heterocephalus glaber: a case of degenerative orthogenesis in the absence of sperm competition?

Press coverage on Not Exactly Rocket Science

Paper 2: Tian et al. 2013. High-molecular-mass hyaluronan mediates the cancer resistance of the naked mole rat.

Press coverage on The Conversation

Paper 3: Avivi et al. 2010. Neuroglobin, cytoglobin, and myoglobin contribue to hypoxia adaptation of the subterranean mole rat Spalax

Press coverage at Ars Technica

Episode 17: Dr. R. Douglas Fields and “The Other Brain”

Episode 47: Biofilms and bumblebees

This week Zach and Kelly talk about cheating in bacterial biofilms, and how the microbiome influences susceptibility to disease in bumble bees.


Trial of the Clone 2: Wrath of the Pacificist (Zach’s adventure of your own choosing game book) is up on Kickstarter!

Technically Speaking – A podcast about engineering, and the newest member of the Brachiolope Media Network family!

Paper 1 - Popat et al. 2012: Quorum-sensing and cheating in bacterial biofilms


Episode 42: Fecal transplants and eye development

Paper 2 – Koch and Schmid-Hempel 2012: Gut microbiota instead of host genotype drive the specificity of a natural host-parasite system

Red Queen hypothesis

Episode 25: Dr. Ryan Earley and “why are there males”?