Zombie ant crowdfunding project

Dr. Charissa de Bekker is running a crowdfunding campaign to continue her work on zombie ants. We recently interviewed Dr. David Hughes about zombie ants , so check that out if you want to learn more about this amazing host-parasite system.  Charissa recently published a super cool paper (open access!) identifying compounds secreted by the zombie-making fungus while infecting its ant host, and next she wants to identify the genes responsible for ant manipulation. Check it out!

3 thoughts on “Zombie ant crowdfunding project

  1. Amy Xia

    Hey Kelly and Zach!

    It was so great meeting you two tonight at the Nuclear Panel and at Ivana’s dinner. I can’t believe my writing class essay topic on the Cordyceps is so relevant to your current work on this blog!

    Love your work,

    Amy Xia (the first year in the blue dress)

  2. cocgemgiveaway.com

    In short, this project aims to learn more about how a relatively “simple” organism such as a fungus can establish mind-control in a relatively much more “complex” organism such as an ant.


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