Episode 46: Ryan and Ben hijack the Weekly Weinersmith

This week we let Ryan Haupt and Benjamin Tippett take over the show. Ryan and Ben are co-hosts on the Science…sort of podcast, and Ben is host of The Titanium Physicists podcast. Both of these podcasts are part of the Brachiolope Media Network, the podcast network to which the Weekly Weinersmith belongs. Ryan and Ben will talk about….well….you’ll see.

This podcast is probably not appropriate for a younger audience (you know, as usual).




Explosive eversion of a duck penis

Tapir’s third leg

Banana slug penis eating

Whale threesome

Kangaroo vagina

Kangaroo penis

The Dr. Dick Cox who studies penises

Detachable nautilus penises

4 thoughts on “Episode 46: Ryan and Ben hijack the Weekly Weinersmith

  1. Morris Keesan

    If Kelly is Batman, and Ryan and Ben are Superman and Wonder Woman, where does that leave Zach? Is he a non-super sidekick? Jimmy Olsen? Alfred the butler?

  2. Daniel

    This is my favorite thing the Brachiolope Media network has ever put out (speaking as someone who has listened to every episode of TyPhy, WW and S…so.) Hilarious, entertaining, interesting, informative.

    Ryan and Ben have the best chemistry and it’s so much fun listening to their back-and-forth. Please, Please, PLEASE let the new show you keep hinting about be “Ben and Ryan teach each other stuff out of their comfort zone.”


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