Episode 45: Dr. Christopher Lynn on glossolalia

This week Zach and Kelly talk with Dr. Christopher Dana Lynn, an anthropologist at the University of Alabama who studies the relationship between glossolalia and stress in Apostolic Pentecostals.

Chris leads the Human Behavioral Ecology Research Group (HBERG)


Chris’ manuscripts to which we refer:

Lynn et al. 2011: Glossolalia is associated with differences in biomarkers of stress and arousal among Apostolic Pentecostals

Lynn 2013: “The Wrong Holy Ghost”: Discerning the Apostolic Gift of Discernment Using a Signaling and Systems Theoretical Approach


Marjoe (documentary)

Participate in the Pop Culture Knowledge & Mating Success Study

IndieGoGo campaign to keep summer undergraduate research going in the HBERG

University’s Alabama Lecture’s on Life’s Evolution (ALLELE) series

University of Alabama’s EvoS program (evolutionary studies major)

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