Episode 44: Caffeinated and telepathic rats

This week Zach and Kelly talk about how the smell of coffee changes gene expression and protein production in rat brains, and discuss a study that hooked rat brains up to one another so the rats could share information and perform tasks together.


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Coffee on the brain

Seo et al. 2008: Effects of coffee bean aroma on the rat brain stressed by sleep deprivation: a selected transcript- and 2D gel-based proteome analysis

Science Daily coverage

Rat brain-to-brain interface

Pais-Vieira et al. 2013: A brain-to-brain interface for real-time sharing of sensorimotor information

Science Daily coverage

4 thoughts on “Episode 44: Caffeinated and telepathic rats

  1. Alex Steinberg

    While I’m not sure if the method of stressing rats in a small amount of water so they cannot sleep is a common method for laboratory mice stressing I do know that this was a common torture device used by the Stasi and is a well known non-permanently damaging torture technique.


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