Episode 43: The Valentine’s Day Episode

For Valentine’s Day, Zach and Kelly talk whether or not brazilian waxing is causing the extinction of pubic lice, and about how housework influences the frequency of sex.


Zach and Kelly news!

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JJ Darling took our photos while we were in NYC. Our favorite photo can be found below.

Kickstarter for Zach’s book of science-themed comics (featuring a story by Adam Savage!)

Is brazilian waxing causing the extinction of pubic lice?

Popular press coverage


Bug Girl – debunking the pubic lice are going extinct claim: here and here

Scientific articles/letters

Waxing common amongst undergrads

Did the “brazilian” kill the pubic louse?

Housework and sex

Popular press

Scientific article: Egalitarianism, housework, and sexual frequency in marriage

Erectile dysfunction and income inequality

Photo by JJ Darling

4 thoughts on “Episode 43: The Valentine’s Day Episode

  1. astrocom

    I wonder if the data set allowed a comparison of chore overlap. As in, perhaps it was less about gender roles and more about disagreements over shared chores.

  2. Heather

    I can find Science… Sort of and The Titanium Physicist on the xbox store for my Windows 8 phone. But you are not there and that isn’t good. Can you fix?

  3. Doug

    As to the potential knowledge loss should pubic lice go extinct: I can’t recall now where but I read an article that said that the divergence of head lice from pubic lice helped establish when we started wearing clothes. Our hairless midsections developed and segregated the species for long enough to get divergent evolution.


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