Episode 33: Intravenous oxygen and exploding termites

This week Zach and Kelly talk about oxygen injections and exploding termites.


Titanium Physicists podcast

Article 1: Oxygen gas-filled microparticles provide intravenous oxygen delivery

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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees

Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care

Article 2: Explosive backpacks on old termite workers


2 thoughts on “Episode 33: Intravenous oxygen and exploding termites

  1. Morris Keesan

    When considering how exploding termites could evolve, instead of thinking of individuals or the colony or the queen, think of the gene. In evolutionary terms, individuals or communities are both just means of reproducing the genetic material.

    1. Jchaplin

      That is such a simplistic view of genetics that it doesn’t even deserve a response. Reproduction of genetic material is a primary driver for organisms but you say that like the gene has control. That is clearly false.


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