Episode 32: Dr. Scott Commins and tick-induced meat allergies

This week Zach and Kelly talk to Dr. Scott Commins of the University of Virginia about his research on tick-induced meat allergies.



IgE and IgG

Interleukins (e.g., IL9)

ImClone and cetuximab


Carbohydrates and proteins


Lone Star ticks (seed ticks)

Endocrine disrupters



Popular press coverage


UVA Magazine

One thought on “Episode 32: Dr. Scott Commins and tick-induced meat allergies

  1. Ben

    hooowww bizarre. I’m a total amateur, but my thought: a tick bites a mammal with this delicious Alpha-gal sugar, and picks some up. then it bites a human, and delivers some Alpha-gal along with its usual payload. the human’s immune system responds to the nasties that the tick delivered, and while there, incidentally/accidentally responds to the sugars as well. is this possible?


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