Weekly Weinersmith on hiatus


As you have probably noticed, Weekly Weinersmith updates have been few and far between in the past few months. I really love doing this podcast, but this is the last year of my PhD and I have had to prioritize my dissertation experiments, manuscript writing, and applying for postdoc positions. I was hoping I would still have time to podcast, but my schedule simply isn’t allowing it. The experiment ends and all of my postdoc applications are due by early January, so our intention is to start back up again around that time.

Brachiolope podcast logo service markIn the meantime, you should be filling your ear holes with other Brachiolope Media Network podcasts! We recently picked up a fantastic podcast on astronomy called Astarium, which I highly suggest checking out. As usual, Science…sort of, Technically Speaking, and The Titanium Physicists are fantastic, and I’m sure will be more than able to fill the podcast-shaped hole (what shape is that?) in your heart until we return.

One last thing. The Brachiolope Media Network recently made our podcasts available through Podiversity. This is an android app that charges a low monthly subscription fee, and in return removes advertisements from the podcasts and provides a higher quality audio file. Best part for us is that your subscription fee goes to the people running the podcasts, so the Brachiolope Media Network can buy new microphones, pay our podcasting-related fees, etc. It’s a great way to support the shows.

Zach and I look forward to bringing your more nerdiness ASAP!

<3, Kelly

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