Episode 48: Naked mole rats

This week Zach and Kelly talk naked mole rats.


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Naked mole rat



Paper 1: van der Horst et al. 2011. Sperm structure and motility in the eusocial naked mole-rat, Heterocephalus glaber: a case of degenerative orthogenesis in the absence of sperm competition?

Press coverage on Not Exactly Rocket Science

Paper 2: Tian et al. 2013. High-molecular-mass hyaluronan mediates the cancer resistance of the naked mole rat.

Press coverage on The Conversation

Paper 3: Avivi et al. 2010. Neuroglobin, cytoglobin, and myoglobin contribue to hypoxia adaptation of the subterranean mole rat Spalax

Press coverage at Ars Technica

Episode 17: Dr. R. Douglas Fields and “The Other Brain”

4 thoughts on “Episode 48: Naked mole rats

  1. Thomas

    Only eusocial mammal besides…. us… right? My reference-book here is E.O. Wilson’s Social Conquest of Earth, which is kinda badass, if you’re looking for another badass science thing. Though he’s more of an ant guy than a mole rat guy.

  2. Lee Anderson

    You will virtually never get the same genome aas your sibling from a parent because of Genetic Recombination.


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