Episode 30: Dr. Jordan Miller on the use of 3D printing to make blood vessels

Today Zach and Kelly talk to Dr. Jordan Miller, a postdoctoral student in Dr. Christopher Chen’s Tissue Microfabrication LabĀ at the University of Pennsylvania, about his recent breakthrough using 3D printing to create blood vessels.


Scientific article:

Nature Materials: Rapid casting of patterned vascular networks for perfusable engineered three-dimensional tissues

Popular press links

University of Pennsylvania press release

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Los Angeles Times

3-D Printing

Weekly Weinersmith episode on 3D printing (Episode 5: Peters, Printers, and Polymers)



Baracuda Extruder for 3D printing sugar and chocolateĀ 

2 thoughts on “Episode 30: Dr. Jordan Miller on the use of 3D printing to make blood vessels

  1. tahrey

    I don’t even have time to listen/watch this, I just want to register a most profound sense of “holy CRAPballs!”.

    This must be what it was like to live through the turn of the 20th century. Every week there seems to be some new mindblowing bit of science going on that, even though individually a small advance, all adds up with the rest of it to one fantastical leap into the future.

    Well played, JM. Well played.

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