Episode 27: Antimicrobial peptides and Truvada

This week Zach and Kelly are on an immune system kick, and discuss the potential downsides of new drug treatments and a new use for a previously existing drug.

Note: Summer is a crazy time for my research, and for Zach’s convention schedule. We may update every other week rather than every week. Sorry, and have a great summer!

Intro stuff

The Small Dinosaurs Kickstarter page

Episode on slime moldsĀ (Episode 12: Slime, slugs, and slutty genes)

Synthetic antimicrobial peptides

Scientific article: Therapeutic antimicrobial peptides may compromise natural immunity

Antimicrobial peptides

Innate immune system

Weekly Weinersmith episode on gut bacteria (Episode 3: Bacteria, Butts, and Brains)

Truvada as a preventative measure for HIV


NYT article on Truvada to prevent HIV infection

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