Episode 19: Munger on Economics

This week Kelly and Zach talk to Dr. Michael Munger about Chilean politics, modeling in economics, and areas where economists and the general public tend to disagree.


EconTalk-An excellent economics podcast on which Dr. Munger is a regular guest.

Chicago school


Agent-based modeling

NYTimes Room for Debate on modeling and the future of economics

Dr. Nassim Taleb and The Black Swan

Logical positivism

Wing walking


Price gouging

EconTalk episode on price gouging with Dr. Munger

Blog post by Dr. Munger on price gouging

Rent control


Dr. Munger was also involved in the popular EconStories videos which used rap to explain Keynesian and Hayekian economics. In the first video you can find Dr. Munger driving the limo, in the second he is the guard at the door. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Episode 19: Munger on Economics

  1. Moe

    Amazing episode! Blending two of my favorite topics and podcasts together. Is this fusion podcasting? What is next, science sort of will bring on planet money? Or skeptoid could do an episode with johnathan goldstein. Or Masimo playing not my job.

    Great show, thank you

    PS you guys should post your travel plans ahead of time, as Seattlite I would have loved to wienerjuice consumed in real time.

  2. Andrew

    Paraphrasing your guest, “We need to invest more in basic materials science.”

    Excellent idea – favorite message, possibly in any podcast ever.

    A Post-doc in Materials Science.

  3. spaceloaf

    This was a great episode! As an engineer, I’ve always had difficulty understanding how economics can ever work given how unpredictable people are. Dr. Munger gave some great insights into how economists think, and how economics can be used for the benefit of society (instead of just helping the rich manipulate markets in their favor).

    BTW, any news if there’s going to be a 3rd rap video? I loved the first two.

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