Upcoming episode!


Zach and Kelly are moving across the country. We are going to miss a few updates, but our new place is going to have a room JUST for podcasting! So expect higher audio quality, and a lot more nerdiness coming to you soon!

Our upcoming topics and interview include:

How will research happening now change the way we treat cancer in the future? (Aaron Sabolch)

How do animals respond to human-induced rapid environmental change (HIREC)? (Dr. Andrew Sih)

Why are there males? (Dr. Ryan Earley)

1 thought on “Upcoming episode!

  1. M.Allen

    I am starting to believe that the “move” was actually parasites altering your brain chemistry to encourage you to move to a different location. By this point, you have already been eaten by a predator and the parasites have started a new stage in their life.


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