3 thoughts on “Episode 10: Punching, Personality, and P-values

  1. Morris Keesan

    The vertical post supporting a handrail, whether or not it looks like a Feynman diagram, is a “baluster”. Also a “picket”.
    And “bannister” (or “banister”) can refer to the railing, the vertical piece, or the whole assembly.

  2. jebyrnes

    Hrm. All of this talk about p values. You guys totally need to check out Hurlbert, S. H., & Lombardi, C. M. (2009). Final collapse of the Neyman-Pearson decision theoretic framework and rise of the neoFisherian Annales Zoologici Fennici, 46, 311-349 (see my take) – it’s amusing AND statistical. Although I disagree with some of the take on Bayesian stuff (also well worth thinking about as well as information theoretic approaches).


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