Episode 2: Plait, P(l)uns, and Planets

In this week’s episode we interview blogger and author, Phil Plait! We talk to Phil about the James Webb Space Telescope, and about science funding for space projects in general. Check out Phil’s blog, Bad Astronomy, and his most recent book! AWESOME!



Superconducting Super Collider





10 thoughts on “Episode 2: Plait, P(l)uns, and Planets

  1. DMT

    Great episode! Plait was an entertaining guest and his insight on funding and space telescopes was refreshing. Science funding will always be a sobering subject unfortunately.

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  4. Violet Jane

    Wow! I am so glad you guys made this podcast! I really enjoy your conversations, and I am really interested in you guy’s say in what’s going on in the science world! So cool! James is right, Kelly’s voice really gives the program an NPR-ish feel. I can’t wait for next week’s podcast!

  5. Philosophantry

    Lovin these podcasts, keep them up!
    And to echo those earler, Kelly’s radio voice is awesome. She actually sounds just like this one DJ from Las Vegas that I used to listen to back in high school, it’s like a blast from the past!

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