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Episode 46: Ryan and Ben hijack the Weekly Weinersmith

This week we let Ryan Haupt and Benjamin Tippett take over the show. Ryan and Ben are co-hosts on the Science…sort of podcast, and Ben is host of The Titanium Physicists podcast. Both of these podcasts are part of the Brachiolope Media Network, the podcast network to which the Weekly Weinersmith belongs. Ryan and Ben will talk about….well….you’ll see.

This podcast is probably not appropriate for a younger audience (you know, as usual).




Explosive eversion of a duck penis

Tapir’s third leg

Banana slug penis eating

Whale threesome

Kangaroo vagina

Kangaroo penis

The Dr. Dick Cox who studies penises

Detachable nautilus penises

Episode 44: Caffeinated and telepathic rats

This week Zach and Kelly talk about how the smell of coffee changes gene expression and protein production in rat brains, and discuss a study that hooked rat brains up to one another so the rats could share information and perform tasks together.


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Coffee on the brain

Seo et al. 2008: Effects of coffee bean aroma on the rat brain stressed by sleep deprivation: a selected transcript- and 2D gel-based proteome analysis

Science Daily coverage

Rat brain-to-brain interface

Pais-Vieira et al. 2013: A brain-to-brain interface for real-time sharing of sensorimotor information

Science Daily coverage

Episode 43: The Valentine’s Day Episode

For Valentine’s Day, Zach and Kelly talk whether or not brazilian waxing is causing the extinction of pubic lice, and about how housework influences the frequency of sex.


Zach and Kelly news!

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JJ Darling took our photos while we were in NYC. Our favorite photo can be found below.

Kickstarter for Zach’s book of science-themed comics (featuring a story by Adam Savage!)

Is brazilian waxing causing the extinction of pubic lice?

Popular press coverage


Bug Girl – debunking the pubic lice are going extinct claim: here and here

Scientific articles/letters

Waxing common amongst undergrads

Did the “brazilian” kill the pubic louse?

Housework and sex

Popular press

Scientific article: Egalitarianism, housework, and sexual frequency in marriage

Erectile dysfunction and income inequality

Photo by JJ Darling

Episode 42: Fecal transplants and eye development

This week Zach and Kelly discuss a study that used infusion of donor feces to treat a bacterial infection, and a second study that found that light is important for eye development in fetal mice.


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Zach has a Kickstarter running for his new science-themed comic book!

Zach and Kelly will be part of the Story Collider show in NYC on Feb. 5th!

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Paper 1: Nood et al. 2013 Duodenal infusion of donor feces for recurrent Clostridium difficile

Clostridium difficile

Nature coverage

Paper 2: Rao et al. 2013 A direct and melanopsin-dependent fetal light response regulates mouse eye development

MedicalXpress coverage

Episode 41: Science and Math

This week Zach and Kelly talk about how fear and/or awe of math differs between academic fields.


What are Zach and Kelly up to?

Zach and Kelly will be at the Story Collider show on Feb. 5th in NYC. Join us!

Kickstarter for Zach’s new science-themed comic book


Paper 1: The Nonsense Math Effect

Paper 2: Heavy use of equations impedes communication among biologists

Episode 40: The Reproducibility Initiative with Dr. Elizabeth Iorns

This week Zach and Kelly bring back Dr. Elizabeth Iorns to talk about the Reproducibility Initiative through Science Exchange. Elizabeth was recently named one of Nature’s 10 People Who Mattered This Year!


Zach and Kelly news

The Story Collider has invited us to be part of their February 5th show on love and science. Check it out if you’re in the NYC area!

Check out other Brachiolope Media Network podcasts!

Science…sort of

The Titanium Physicists

Press coverage for the Reproducibility Initiative


New Scientist

The Scientist

EconTalk episodes on reproducibility and bias in science

Brian Nosek on Truth, Science, and Academic Incentives

Ed Yong on Science, Replication, and Journalism

This American Life episode that discussed research using electromagnetic waves to kill cancer cells: So Crazy It Just Might Work

Episode 38: Jessica Richman and William Ludington on uBiome

This week Zach and Kelly talk to Jessica Richman, a PhD student at Oxford University, and Dr. William Ludington, the Bowes Fellow at the University of California Berkeley, about uBiomeuBiome is a project that connects citizens to scientists in an attempt to better understand the microbiome.



Candida albicans (yeast that is part of the microbiome)

Vagus nerve

Toxoplasma gondii

Episode 3: Bacteria, Butts, and Brains (a previous Weekly Weinersmith episode on the microbiome)

Clostridium difficile

Operational taxonomic unit

Episode 37: Trevor Bekolay on Spaun, a large-scale simulated brain

This week Kelly and Zach talk to Trevor Bekolay about his work on a large-scale brain simulator. Trevor is a PhD student in the Computational Neuroscience Research Group at the University of Waterloo.


Scientific paper: Eliasmith et al. 2012: A large-scale model of the functioning brain

Popular press articles on Spaun

Video for Spaun simulations – download software for simulating neural systems

Spiking neurons

Blue Brain Project

Recency and primacy effects


Episode 35: Aging and antidepressants

This week Zach and Kelly talk about how the blood of young mice makes old mice brains look young again, and whether or not genomics can help to predict the kinds of antidepressants to which a person will respond.


Weinersmith news

Trial of the Clone–Zach’s new choose-able pathways book

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Paper 1: Villeda et al. 2011The aging systemic milieu negatively regulates neurogenesis and cognitive function


Why Zebra Don’t Get Ulcers by Robert Sapolsky

Group selection

The Guardian article covering Dr. Villeda’s talk on aging at the Society for Neuroscience conference

Serge Voronoff – surgeon who grafted monkey testicles on to human men

Paper 2: Tansey et al. 2012Genetic predictors of response to serotonergic and noradrenergic antidepressants in major depressive disorder: a genome-wide analysis of individual-level data and a meta-analysis


Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)

Noradrenaline reuptake inhibitors (NRIs)

Single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs)

Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression